Best Paper Award

The conference hosted will have the following awards declared based on the Research Papers submitted:

: Best Paper Award

: Best Presentation Award

The award declaration will be announced and bestowed at the conference closing session, judged by the Award Selection Committee.

The papers submitted by any Author or Co-Authors from Academia, Industrial or Government background will be entitled to:

: An officially signed and embossed Award Certificate.

Best Paper Award nominations for the Best paper selected by the Award Selection Committee members will be announced for three best papers submitted. In addition, the Best Presentation Award will be presented to the Author with the Best Camera Ready Presentation. The nominations will be selected based on the following selection criteria.

Award Preference Criteria:

: The Best Paper Award will be granted to the Author(s) of the presentation at the conference, selected by the Award Selection Committee Members. The Program/ Conference chairs will review the best paper containing combined marks; the Paper will be assessed by the Award Selection Committee, and will depend on the paper Presentation quality in the conference venue.

: The Best Presentation Award will be granted to the Author(s), who will be able to present the best quality work, top writing quality and best Presentation Quality.