International Conference on Computer, Electrical & Communication Engineering

Proudly Presentating the Best Papers in ICCECE, 2019 with a Strict 34% Acceptance.

ICCECE is an international conference hosted by Techno India University, Kolkata covering research aspects in Computer, Electrical and Communication Engineering. The conference invites International Participants to present research papers through Skype, which is probably going to be a first time venture in India.

The conference seeks submission from Industry, Government and Academia showcasing Offbeat Interdisciplinary Research Papers on practical as well as theoretical aspects of Computing, Electrical and Communication Engineering.

Interdisciplinary papers which focus on Functional aspects of Computing, Implementation of Electronics Technology and Employing Communication Engineering are encouraged. Advanced prototypes, tools and techniques, innovative ideas to be used in future are also inspired.

Downlaod Tutorial Details (17th January, 2019) Click Here to Register for Tutorial Session

The fees for registering with ICCECE are available for both working class professionals as well as students. This will enable student authors to participate and submit their papers as well.


Industrial Papers Fee

Student Paper Fee

Host Country

Rs. 7000

Rs. 6000

International Authors

USD 170

USD 125

SAARC Country Authors

USD 125

USD 110

Student Participant (Non Author)
RS - 500
Tutorial for Graduates, Post Graduates and Research Students
RS - 1000


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