""I sincerely believe that ICCECE 2019 will provide an ideal platform for networking and innovative endeavors in tandem with the overwhelming participation by academicians and scholars who will enrich the academic quality of conference. We are glad to announce that the IEEE has endorsed this grand event. I wish all success to the organizing committee members for their initiatives." "      

Dr. Bhargab B. Bhattacharya

Professor of Computer Science & Engineering,
INAE Chair Professor,
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata


""ICCECE'19 conducted by Techno India University, West Bengal has been a creative effort in the field of education and research. I am deeply thankful to be a part of this prestigious event. The presence of eminent research scholars and academicians belonging to prestigious institutes such as IITs and ISI, as well as international professionals, has added a new dimension to this conference. I am thrilled by the grand success of their 2019 Conference and hereby convey my heartfelt wishes to Techno India Group.""

Dr. Shalabh Bhatnagar

Professor and Chairman
Dept of Computer Science and Automation
Indian Institute of Science,Bangalore


 "“Techno India University, West Bengal is on its way of reaching the pinnacle of technological innovation and research contribution which has reflected in the grand success of ICCECE 2019. As an academic institute, TIU WB has always believed in synergizing education and industry which has invoked the involvement of eminent professors from premiere institutes such in this conference, along with stellar organizations of worldwide fame. Research scholars and academicians around the world have submitted a multitude of innovative research publications and the selected papers have been uploaded in the IEEE digital repository. I want to congratulate the entire conference team of Techno India Group for their incredible efforts which has led to the success of this endeavor.”"

Prof. Xinghuo Yu

Associate Deputy Vice-Chancellor and
Distinguished Professor
RMIT University, Melbourne, Australia.
President IEEE Industrial Electronics Society


"“I am very happy to note that Techno India University, West Bengal is organizing ICCECE 2019 an International Conference on Computer, Electrical and Communication Engineering. With several speakers from around the world and an acceptance rate of 34%, the conference promises to bring together leading researchers to deliberate on the current trends and methods. I believe this will go a long way in inculcating quest for new knowledge in the students and will encourage them to consider research as their future career options. Such meetings are also important for integrating classroom teaching with research oriented approach, which is the true basis for high level learning and innovation. I congratulate the conference team of the university for their initiative, and wish all the delegates an enriching two days of deliberations. Thank you.”"

Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

Director ,
Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata


"“India needs a great number of initiatives for academic and industry engagement on new frontiers of technology. ICCECE'19 conducted by Techno India University, WB is a great step in that direction. I am delighted to be a part of this event. The conference has attracted leaders and visionaries from a broad spectrum of national and international institutions and organizations, including the IITs, Indian Statistical Institute, and domain experts from Adobe, Intel and Google. I look forward to seeing even greater collaboration and gathering from the University for their 2020 Conference. Best Wishes and good luck to the Techno India Group.”.”"

Gulzar Azad

Country Head for Connectivity
Google, India


"“As an academic institute, Techno India University, West Bengal has always believed in achieving heights and accomplishments which haven’t been undertaken before. This platform synergizes Industry and Academics which is one of a kind in this country. This creates a harmony within both of these segments. I convey my delight and commendation to the conference team of Techno India Group for their assiduous efforts to execute the event with such finesse.” "

Ms. Shama Rasal

Design Expert and Mentor, Adobe


"“At the outset I would like to welcome you all to International Conference on Computer, Electrical and Communication Engineering (ICCECE 2019) in the cultural capital of India, 'City of Joy' Kolkata and also offer my warmest collegial wishes and every success for the ICCECE 2019. I am also pleased to note that a number of invited talks by the distinguished persons have been organized. I am confident that the conference will be well attended, high quality event under the leadership of Gautam Roy Chowdhury and a distinguished conference committee. I hope you would enjoy in listening to various presentation and that ICCECE 19 will be a memorable experience to you technically as well as otherwise. I wish you all a most pleasant stay at Kolkata.”"

Bijnan Bandyopadhyay



"“I am a person from the industry but I have a special place in my heart for academics. Hence the ICCECE is so special for me because it brings both these sectors in one podium. Students get to understand current industry demands and people from the industry can connect to their roots again. I convey my sincere gratitude to Techno India University for this enterprise.” "

Dr. Javed Shaikh

R & D Engineer, Intel

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